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Imagine a career that feels like a community, where healthy living is just part of the norm, and where doing what you love naturally leads to success. Being part of the I Wish I Was + Unicity family is more than just building a rewarding business. You’ll enjoy great networking opportunities, unique hands-on experiences, and a strong sense of belonging.


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Made with a mix of essential ingredients like fiber, vitamins, and minerals, Unicity Balance is designed to boost overall health. Its unique blend works together to enhance digestion, increase energy levels, and help with weight management.


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It gets even better, once part of the team, you earn for every additional team member you bring onboard.


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Refer a friend and earn £7 on every purchase they make—everytime.

My Story

Nigel Gerken

Hi, I’m Nigel. I used to work long hours, eating too much and at the wrong times. As a result, over the years I gained a lot of weight. Determined to make a change, I researched and found an all-natural weight loss product that helped me shed the extra pounds and regain my energy. Now, I’m dedicated to helping others achieve their weight loss goals with the same product that transformed my life. My mission is to inspire and support you on your journey to better health.