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Learn How To Lose Weight Without Changing Your Busy Lifestyle

Intermittent fasting, also known as time-based eating, is known for its multiple health benefits such as maintaining a healthy blood pressure, promoting heart health and improving body composition. Sounds pretty beneficial, doesn’t it? However, the reality is that it’s easier to talk about than to actually follow. Yes, intermittent fasting can be a challenging pursuit. Very few individuals can consistently stick to this practice long enough to witness tangible results. This is where ‘Feel Great’ steps in to make a difference. Our products, Unimate and Balance, are designed to assist you in lengthening the period between your dinner and the first meal of the next day.

The Approach

Intermittent fasting, also known as time-based eating, has been linked to several health benefits such as:

    Healthy weight and blood pressure

    Enhanced heart health

    Better body composition

    It sounds beneficial, doesn’t it? However, intermittent fasting is easier said than done. Many individuals struggle to maintain the routine long enough to see significant results.

    That’s where Feel Great steps in. Unimate and Balance collaborate to help you extend the period between your dinner and your first meal the next day.


    Energize your day with Unimate. This potent yerba mate drink features a distinctive mix of plant compounds designed to:

    – Enhance mood

    – Increase energy

    – Sharpen mental clarity

    – Curb appetite

    And the best part? It’s free of sugar!


    Balance is the intelligent approach to achieving balanced nutrition. This patented mixture of fibers, nutrients, and plant compounds is meticulously crafted to:

    – Slow carbohydrate absorption, helping you feel fuller for longer

    – Support healthy digestion and cholesterol absorption

    – Supply 9 essential vitamins and minerals

    How it works



    Kickstart your morning with Unimate. Unimate enhances your focus and energy levels without interrupting your fasting routine.

    Lunch (12pm)

    Take Balance before your biggest meal of the day to reduce the impact of the carbohydrates you eat.

    Dinner (6pm-8pm)

    Take Balance once more before dinner to lessen the effect of the carbohydrates you consume and support you through the fasting period.

    The magic begins

    Begin your fast after dinner and wait 16 hours before your next meal. This practice helps promote fat loss by allowing your body to burn stored fat for energy during the fasting period.